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Carfax Education Group comprises a number of educational enterprises and institutions, each focused on bringing the best of British, American, and Swiss education to private and corporate clients around the world. The group, founded in the United Kingdom, has established a strong international presence with a growing network of offices in London, Oxford, Monaco, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Baku. From engaging private tutors for the world’s most demanding families to advising and operating prestigious schools, from university admissions counselling and school entry guidance for ambitious applicants to delivering education projects for governments and NGOs, sometimes in the world’s most challenging places, everything that Carfax Group does is based on the Carfax Approach that accepts no compromise on academic excellence.

Carfax Locations

London is the home of the group headquarters of the Carfax Education and the location for the offices of Carfax Consultants and Carfax Tutors.

Carfax Consultants advise and support families and individuals, who are seeking admission to the leading universities and schools in the UK, Switzerland, and the USA. Separate teams of specialists are dedicated to Oxbridge and UK university entrance, Ivy League and US applications counselling, London nurseries and day schools, British boarding schools, and Swiss international schools.

Carfax Tutors provide some of the best private tutors in London and internationally. Tutors are carefully chosen though a very thorough process that assesses their personality, experience, subject expertise, knowledge of the relevant educational stages and systems, discretion, and, most importantly, their passion for teaching.

Carfax News

Carfax Guardianship in the USA

Posted on Tuesday June 23, 2015

Guardianship at University is not a requirement, unless the student is under 18, but support and advice of a dedicated professional can make a lot of difference in process of adaptation to new environment. Generally, American universities have a support system in place, but needless to say, that it is aimed at domestic students, who

Resource: US vs UK Applications

Posted on Monday June 22, 2015

Many international students approach U.S. applications having already familiarize themselves with the U.K. application system. It’s crucial for them to recognize, and appreciate, the differences between the two. The UCAS system dominates British admission, enabling students to submit a single statement of purpose and predicted A Level scores. Oxford and Cambridge universities rely largely on interviews,

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