Academic assessment

Our tailored assessments and reports help our education consultants support and guide families through their school and university placement journeys.

What Are Academic Assessments?

Our education consultants and academic experts use Academic Assessments to evaluate our pupils’ current and potential achievement level. Using detailed reports as a baseline, we guide, mentor and support our pupils through bespoke school and university placement journeys.

Tailored Guidance

Academic Assessments are tailored to every pupils’ needs, goals and ability. For urgent applications, we assess pupils and shortlist schools based on the very best and most achievable options. If pupils have a long preparation timeline, we use Academic Assessments to help us identify areas for academic improvement and roadmap our families’ next steps.

Exam Preparation Assesment

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What Our Customers Are Saying
Our families are expertly and impartially guided to their education goals with pupil-centred, results-driven consultations.

"It has been pleasure for our family to work with your company, and in particular with your intelligent, insightful and highly competent consultants."

Smith Family, 2021
Boston, USA

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