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Carfax Consultants offer a comprehensive programme of support for US undergraduate applications

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Our US Application Service offers students a bespoke, expert-led roadmap to their best-fit College

University admission in the US

Central to the programme are numerous (open-ended) contact hours with the student. These hours are focused on putting together a strong personal dossier, and assisting in completing every part of the Common Application – a de facto centralised application system which many US universities have opted into.

There is close guidance and advice on entry tests as well as on the various types of application essays, and possible interview scenarios that a US university applicant is likely to face. Carfax Consultants oversee every administrative and organisational aspect of the student’s applications for up to ten universities and including submission of the applications.

The US University Preparation Roadmap

How It Works

1. Initial Consultation

This initial meeting is an opportunity for the parents and pupils to ask questions related to higher education choices and for our consultants to find out more about the pupil’s educational background and academic aspirations.

2. University Profiling

For pupils who require guidance on their choice of course, this online assessment will match a pupil’s abilities and interests with relevant degree courses in the US. Our consultants will review the profiling report with the parents and pupil.

3. Course & University Choices

Our consultants will help advise pupils on the most appropriate courses and institutions to suit their needs, interests, academic potential and career prospects, taking into account course content, university reputation & location.

4. Subject Masterclasses

In depth introductions to specific subject areas which prepares the pupil to carry out an independent research project under the supervision of a subject specialist. Designed to give the pupil a deeper understanding of a particular aspect of their chosen subject.

5. Test Preparation

Most Ivy and other top-ranked American universities either require or expect the pupil to take an additional test, such as the SAT or ACT, in order to show their readiness for a rigorous university degree. Our consultants will arrange for the pupil to have relevant test preparation with a subject specialist.

6. Application Deadline Guidance

Our consultants provide advice and guidance on strategies for submitting Early Action or Early Decision application, alongside normal or regular decision applications. This process forms a key part of the broader college choice selection process.

7. Essay Guidance

The writing of the personal essays is a key part of a US application, designed to demonstrate the qualities that make them an outstanding student. Our consultants mentor pupils to craft, review and refine essay drafts until they are satisfied that the statement will support a competitive application.

8. Interview Preparation

Our Carfax team will arrange for the pupil to have one-to-one interview preparation with a subject specialist relevant to their chosen course.

9. Accepting Offers

Our consultants work closely with each pupil to review and evaluate their choices before accepting and declining offers.

What Our Students Say

"I would like to thank you so much for everything! You helped me through it immensely. Please do send my many thanks to the Carfax team here and the ones that have helped me online from Oxford. I can't thank you all enough!"

Yale University Student
US University Preparation Service

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